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history of Spud on stick

A common story with a unique twist

Spud's Story

  • History

    Spud on Stick, LLC was established in 2016. The co-founders, Travis & Inga, had both been looking for a way to ensure financial stability with flexibility for their family and at the same time provide a real service to their community. Leveraging each of their unique skill sets they created Spud on Stick. This high-tech, natural, healthy food concious business has been in the making for decades from the culmination of years of entrepreneural projects rooted with the same philosophy.

  • Approach

    Spud on Stick's approach to things is simple, we strive for quality and elegance in everything we do. Our goal is not the bottom line.  What is most important to us is the value we can bring to people.

  • Culture

    Natural food with basic ingredients and a focus on people's health is what Spuds is all about. You will often find the no meat folks and the no refined sugar community by our tents. Community and what can we offer to our friends, family, and neighbors is considered in everything we do. Because of our bleeding edge technologies for customers to avoid waiting in line and our use of Smart Cash you will find solutions that work for you.

  • Method

    From the moment someone discovers our website and online menu they know there is something different about this small Utah company. Because of Travis' strong technical background mixed with 20+ years as a medical professional and Inga's unique cooking knowledge passed down to her from ancestors who founded her country in 13th century. Old tradition mixed with new technology is how Spud on Stick delivers a unique food experience.

Winning combination of old world tradition with innovative solutions

Travis and Inga are always up for talking about their passion's. Whether you are a someone looking to spend your stable digital asset of choice or that person who appreciates the story of where your potato came from -- We are here to offer you more than just high quality food.

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Riga, Latvia

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Find out how we are the first business to use Smart Cash