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beautiful organic oil


Naturally Refined Coconut Oil

All our oil used is organic and naturally processed to leave no coconut flavor behind

The crude oil is first repeatedly filtered to obtain a clean filtrate. The oil is also bleached in the process, as this filtration is done using calcareous clays. Then, it is heated to a very high temperature, which serves a dual purpose. It deodorizes the oil, while also killing the germs or fungal spores within it. Afterwards, sodium hydroxide (Na (OH) 2) is added to it and it is further filtered to remove the mono-fats or free fats. Finally, it is hydrogenated to ensure that no unsaturated fatty acids are left in the oil, which elongates the shelf life considerably.


Tastes Amazing

How often do you feel good about what you eat?

The list of amazing qualities of coconuts is amazing. Often where things go wrong is when large companies have to scale their product and sacrifice on quality. Even when it is much more expensive, we will chose products that are organic and created in a sustainable manner. 

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