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frequently asked questions

Spud's FAQ's

Contact Us if you've got more questions and we'll do our best to answer.

  • Where is your store? We want to eat your potatoes every day.

    Maybe some day we will set some roots down and stick to one place, but until then you can find us by looking at our events page and/or following us on Twitter.

  • I am allergic to peanuts, what oil do you use?

    We have put extensive time and expertise selecting the best frying oil and hands down the best oil out there for what we use is Naturally Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized Coconut Oil.

  • How do I take advantage of your Rewards System and get Digital Cash discounts?

    Right now most android devices can download the free SmartCoins APP at or find it in Google Play Store.  You can learn all you want about the amazing stable digital assets at

  • Can your company provide services for my event?

    Providing Spuds on Stick for events is what we do.  Please either contact us or go straight to our Vendor Request Form online so we can work together to meet your needs.